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Featuring Gil Oved, a South African entrepreneur who is the co-founder and co-CEO of The Creative Counsel, as well as reality investor for the local show ‘Shark tank’ and childhood

friend and business partner, Ran Neu-Ner, showcases a spectacular project, Rise of the Machines - A multi published article and widely discussed topic on the future of technology and where we will be as the machines rise. 

Photographer Judd van Rensburg arranged for the incredible special effects shoot and make-up and we did all the other cool stuff. We created the backgrounds, the cyborg metal and electronic eye and superimposed both Gil and Ran into a scene unlike any other. The apocalypse was upon us and we rocked it. 



Before & After:



We like to credit the team on their amazing work and contribution to this project. Early mornings, late nights, tears, fears and expectations,

the results are breath taking. Great work by:

Photographer: Judd van Rensburg

Photographer Assistant: Hazel Mphande Post Production: K van Niekerk from Qpix Evolution

Make Up: Stella Kalymnios

Hair Stylist: Mapitso Hlaodi, 

Stylist and Special Effects: Menelaos kalymnios

Models: Gil Oved & Ran Neu-Ner

Published: Maxim Magazine - South Africa


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