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Updated: Apr 25, 2023

V1CTORY leader of the of the 7Rhelms betta-lion of the #AfriXion MetaVerse. The civilization that is tasked with ruling the Metaverse and defending AfriXians. TransXians. MystiXons. and UniXons and keeping safe the spirit of humanity.


Civilization: #AfriBeing

MetaVerse: #AfriXion

Distinction: #AfriWarrior

Denomination: Protector and Leader of the 7 Legions of the #MetaVerse

Super Power: Weaver Of Light

Weapon: The Ruby Encased Spear Of Life

Combat style: Highly skilled in the ancient human artform of taijutsu, kenjutsu, sojutsu and naginata-do

Strength: 10 to the powers o 3.2 million

Mission: Save Humanity

🖤 Credits:

Creative Direction: Kings (Kay & Ingrid)

Photography: Ingrid Irsigler

Post & Editing: Kay van Niekerk

Music: Ewald van Vuuren

MUA & Styling: Zakiyya bham

Model: Ofentse V1ctory Mopu


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