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Top 16 Finalists

The road to your dreams aren't always easy to navigate. Sometimes it is dotted with mountains to climb and obstacles to overcome.

Sometimes the hard, mind-numbing times will make you feel like quitting. Always remember that if you ever get lost along the way, anything worth having doesn't come easy.

#Dreamwalkers don't turn back on dreams because the journey seems tough. #Dreamwalkers don't give up because someone doesn't believe in the power of purpose. 'Miracle workers, Promise keepers, a light in the darkness' – that is what we aim to be. While they sleep, we keep working. While they talk, we keep walking ever closer to our dream.​​​​​​​


On Social Media: @official_MissSA


We like to credit the team on their amazing work and contribution to this project. Early mornings, late nights, tears, fears and expectations,

the results are breath taking. Great work by:

The BTS Team:

Creative director: @paulleisegang and the incredible creative mind @werner_wessels


Photography: Ingrid Alice Photography @ingridalicephotography

Photo Assistant: Julian van Jaarsveld @julianchristian_vj

Post: Kay van Niekerk (Qpix Evolution)

Post Assistant: Ewald van Vuuren (Qpix Evolution)

Stylist: Karen Orzol @karinorzol & Jako Van Niekerk @jakovnk + @lajawihair


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