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Welcome to Qpix Evolution - The love child of award winning retoucher, Kay van Niekerk and super hero illustrator, Ewald van Vuuren. 


Before I, Kay the founder of Qpix, tell you more about Qpix Evolution, we need to start at the beginning. When I was a mere minion in the world of advertising and only had dreams of someday having my own creative hub. When Ewald was just a talented guy I knew from high school. When mom still packed my lunch and dad payed my car insurance. It was a simple time, but the beginning of a 15 year journey to evolving into Qpix Evolution.


In 2004, it all began with the cheesy name: Kreative Designs. OMW! I laugh now, but I was making chocolate money while I worked full time at the agency and it was good. I was designing, doing some art commissions and thinking this could be a real thing. 

2010, I registered CherryQcumber. A little CC for a rainy day. The maybe, the what if, the thing that could become a full-time gig. I plotted on with my double life and that too was good. Stressful and demanding, but fun and challenging. In the interim, I started dating Ewald. This incredibly creative guy that was secretly my art rival in school. Ewald was a designer for a local company, but I had other plans for him and his talents. 


2014, CherryQumber became Qpix Design Studio - a love duo. I was successful in convincing Ewald to join my madness and be one with Qpix Design Studio. Personally, I think he was the golden key to reach my goal. With Ewalds design and illustration talent and my mad photoshop skills, we literally could be unstoppable. 

Finally, in 2018 Qpix Design Studio had to change. It was time! The company name had to embody all of our work. We are more than just designers. We are artist, with a passion and skill for design, retouching and illustrations… We had to evolve our brand!

BOOM!!! Qpix Evolution was registered with a sexy new PTY. LTD company number. I am proud. Ewald and I did it. We made it real. He was indeed my golden key and the creative partner I needed.


Today, Qpix Evolution stands not only as another creative company, but as a creative hub build from a dream. A reflection of decades of hard work and passion. Ewald and I are a team that lives for creativity and creating compelling and beautiful imagery, fearlessly crafting the world of Illustrations, Graphic Design and High-end Retouching. 


We offer our client only the best services, the best work and the best jokes. Ok my jokes are cheesy, but we are friendly. He he


Thank you for supporting us and our goal. Keep in touch and maybe consider us for your next project. We hope to hear from you soon. 


Many Thanks

Kay & Ewald

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